Sunday, May 31, 2009

Les Baxter - Autumn Leaves

Les Baxter in a rare clip showing him with chorus and orchestra performing Autumn Leaves. He's pretty dandy on the piano too.

And here's something called Les Baxter Music of the Sixties - dig those bongos!

Les Baxter - Jewels of the Sea 1961

Great cover and one of my favourite exotica albums. Les manages to evoke the undersea world of exotic islands.


Les Baxter - Bora Bora

Soundtrack territory for Les in this exotica flavoured offering.


Les Baxter - Ritual of the Savage 1951

Arguably the first exotica album and the first appearance of Quiet Village, that icon of Exotica music.


Les Baxter - Que Mango

Here's one of Les' later albums with help from the 101 Strings and its up to his usual high standards.


Sacred Idol and Wild in the Streets

Les Baxter Sacred_Idol

Les Baxter wild_in_streets

Les Baxter - Wild Guitars

Guitars + Les Baxter = great music.


Don Tiare - Music of Les Baxter

Here's a very fine tribute of Les Baxter's music. In fact this is right up there with the best albums produced by Les himself and highly recommended


Les Baxter and Bas Sheva - The Passions

Well produced by Les Baxter this album is 50s America's impression of the passions. Apparently the wild female was a jungle beast just brimming with a full gamut of earthly sounds signifying her state of arousal.

Lets hope the lucky bachelor was a big game hunter able to corral this lustful beast.

Les Baxter - South Pacific

Les Baxter does South pacific. Easy meets exotica, just fine in my book.


Les Baxter - Thinking of You

Shared on Xtabays World this is Les in his easy listening mode. Still superior to any one else's easy mode.