Sunday, June 21, 2009

Les Baxter - Confetti

Nearly all of the Capitol albums are now posted. I don't know if the Arthur Murray albums for instance should be counted. Anyway here's one of Les' more schmaltzy offerings I've uploaded but a fine effort nonetheless.

If Les' albums could perhaps be roughly categorized as Exotica, Schmaltz and Soundtracks, the majority of exotica stuff has now been posted except for some late 60s & early 70s stuff. A lot of the schmaltzy stuff is here also but I don't feel its as important. The soundtrack stuff is mostly generic but still worthwhile for completists like me.



  1. The download rar file only has 3 mp3 files. Am I correct in assuming that there are suppose to be 12 files? Can you check this?

  2. If your system is like mine if the file isn't downloaded properly what happens is it looks fine but only a couple of tracks will appear. Try again and make sure the whole file downloads. Try a good download manager that will help.

    I checked the file on rapidshare and its the correct size.

  3. Hi Xtabay,

    Just wanted to thank you for the FABULOUS stuff you offer here and on the Xtabay's World blog. You put so much work into this, and it really shows! I never thought my exotica collection would be so extensive, which it is now, thanks to you! Please keep up the great work! - From a fan in the US

  4. Thanks for the comment fan in the US. Its comments like that which keep me going when I feel a bit jaded and unappreciated

  5. Are you kidding? You do wonderful, wonderful work! The Les Baxter Tribute Blog has been a Goldmine for me - I'm filling holes in my Baxter collection which never dreamed I would be able to fill.

    The only thing I take a little issue with is your comment on the schmaltzy stuff. All Baxter is good. True, I discovered him first and foremost through his Exotica output, but the Exotica, the Soundtracks, and the Schmaltz are all on an equal plane as far as I'm concerned. Thank you so much for treating them all equally here!

  6. i got acopy of this lp released on THE WORLD RECORD CLUB LIMITED T329 as Les Baxter "Love Begins" with a monochrome orange cover with a pic of young Baxter smiling :). Minus one track on each side... only 10 in total.

  7. wonderful all together...
    hope you'll find "Broadway '61" as well.