Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Even more titles - soundtracks

Here's even more stuff courtesy of Scott. Soundtracks this time and these are the most complete versions around. For the All the Loving Couples album Casanova is Les under a pseudonym.

As advised by Scott the following info for the Master of the World album is provided:

"Tracks 1 - 7 Suite from the Original Soundtrack (film version conducted by Les Baxter)

Tracks 8 - 19 Original 1961 Re-recorded album (Cal Carter conducting The "100" Men)

Tracks 1 - 19 Stereo version." There is a new link for this share as well as the original link.

The Goliath album has an interesting cover making it look like an exotica album. Its more light classical than exotica but there are some middle eastern influences and the music is quite exotic at times. There's even a track sub titled Noisy Village. Probably vies with Bora Bora as Les' best soundtrack album.

The film itself is an Italian sword and sandal epic starring Steve Reeves. It rates 5.1 stars on IMDB and it actually doesn't sound too bad.

When the feisty Cuban actress Chelo Alonso was slapped as part of the action she couldn't help slapping the male actor back until the Director tied her hands behind her back. After being untied she then went to where the other actor was and slapped him and told him "here's the change". What a gal! Personally I think she should have slapped the Director.

Its said that Reeves was offered the lead in Dr No and Fistful of Dollars and knocked them back. Probably because it meant he would have had to learn whole sentences.

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  1. Outstanding as usual! Thank you both so much!

  2. "Born Again" actually has some nice moments. This is another that I never dreamed I would ever hear. Thx guys.

  3. Tremendous site, many thanks.

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  6. You can get the great soundtrack for 'All the Loving Couples' here: http://www.mediafire.com/?gy1zmimdw2r