Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Pop Side and even more!

The Pop Side was a request and comprises 25 tracks of Les' more pop (easy listening) sides.

The other two albums have been provided previously by yours truly but Scott has carried out some restoration work and would well be worth a download as alternate versions.

We should thank Scott not only for these albums but also because he carries out restoration of LP sources and also gives us some informative facts which I shall share with you:

Concerning Exotica Suite, this is from a stereo lp that I have done some slight sound restoration on.

Concerning Wild in the Streets, Les wrote 3 of the selections from the 1968 soundtrack which I have marked in their titles. This is from a stereo lp with some slight sound restoration applied.

The Pop Side is a cd rip. It contains many Capitol singles from 1951 – 1956, some were on albums and some were only released as singles.

Links are you know where.


  1. Well, once again, a big thank you to you and Scott! And thanks especially for not calling "The Pop Side" Schmaltz. All Baxter is good, even the Easy Listening.

  2. Heartfelt thanks so much to you Xtabay and Scott

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing Les Baxter music. This ugly 21st century world needs more of this beautiful music and less ugly mean-spirited noise!